Lyrical Songs

Lyrical Songs – Playlist 36

Alcohol – Shannon LaBrie Apologies – Jillian Edwards Build You Up – Kim Taylor Clementine – Alternate Version – Sarah Jaffe Diamonds – Johnnyswim Kiss Me – Sara Phillips Sad – Amber Carrington Traveling Song – Ryn Weaver What A Good Woman Does – Joy Williams   Lyrical Songs Playlist    

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Dance Competition Hub

Did you have a great experience at a competition or convention this year?  Dance Competition Hub is a website that allows you to review everything from your dance competition or convention experience to dance accessories.  Want to get details on dance costume manufacturers?  You can review those too.  I have to admit, I love reading reviews. […]

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Contemporary Songs 1014

Contemporary Songs Playlist 34

#88 – Lo-Fang Aflame – Jessica Rotter As a Bell – Ofelia K Baby’s Romance – Chris Garneau Good Evening Mrs. Magpie – Modeselektor – Radiohead Hold On With My Open Hands – William Fitzsimmons Horizon – Rachael Yamagata Howling (Ame Remix) – Ry, Frank Wiedemann Lick the Palm of the Burning Handshake – Zola […]

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Reader Mail

How Supportive Should Parents Be of Other Dancers?

From My Inbox: How supportive do you think parents should be of fellow dancers?  We have a situation at our studio in which one dancer’s Mother never compliments or praises the group of dancers her daughter dances with – not for solos, groups etc.  All of the dancers have solos and depending on the day, […]


When Your Friends Think You’re The Favorite

Reader Question: I am having some troubles in my class with being called the “favorite” by my fellow teammates and things like that. I know that I am a student that my teachers can trust with harder choreography, but I feel like I am not always the favorite in the class, I just try really […]

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