Tilt - Just For Kix - Chloe Lukasiek

Tips For Tilts

Reader Question: I’ve been trying for two years to get my tilt and still can’t get it.  Any tips?   Photo Credit: Just For Kix  (SharkCookie) Dancer:  Chloe Lukasiak   Temperance: Improving tilts is all about turn out, flexibility, and strengthening your hip flexors and muscles around the hip to actually hold the tilt with […]

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Lyrical Solo Songs

Lyrical Songs: January 2015

Be Brave – Cathy Heller Girls Just Want To Have Fun – Chase Holfelder Over You – Ingrid Michaelson, A Great Big World Patsy Cline – Dark Dark Dark Shoulder To Shoulder – Rebecca Ferguson So Cold – Ben Cocks Still – Daughter Talk To Me – Lauren Aquilina Who Am I To Say – […]

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Low Side Bun Hair Tutorial

Low Side Bun Tutorial

Our hair style for dance this year is the low side bun with a deep part.  This is not a style we have used previously for competitions, so I decided to check out some tutorials on YouTube – always a great resource!  I used the tutorial below for some guidance and made a few additional steps to […]

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cheesy facials

When A Dance Calls For “Super Cheesy Facials”

Reader Question: I am a twelve year old dancer and have always been very advanced. I have always loved jazz, but every routine I have done has not required big cheesy facials because it is a more serious dance or even a Broadway style piece. I am learning a jazz dance that has a lot […]

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Where To Buy Rhinestones Online

    When it comes to bling, the dance community seems to know how to add just the right amount of sparkle.  Check out the sites below for ordering a variety of rhinestones to add to your costumes, dancewear, dance bags and anything else you want to sparkle. Rhinestone Websites Dance Shopper Dreamtime Creations Pin […]

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3000  Capezio Fisnet Tights 2

Our Absolute Favorite Fishnets

Wearing fishnets with a costume this year?  Check out our favorite fishnet tights – Capezio Professional Fishnet Tights. The first time I bought fishnets, I believe my dancer was in fourth grade.  I went to the local dance store and purchased what they recommended – your basic fishnet tights.  They were okay.  I felt like we […]

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