• Pure Rhythm Dance Company – Ouija

    Cannot imagine the time it took to choreograph this dance – the words, the dancers, the right amount of letters – what a concept. Dance – Ouija – Age 13 Modern Extended Line Dancers – Pure Rhythm Dance Company Choreographer: Madison Rath    

    Pure Rhythm Dance Company – Ouija
  • Payton Riss – Stranger Things

    Dancer:  Payton Riss Dance:  Stranger Things Studio:  The Dance Complex Choreographer:  Gigi Zirbes Song:  Drowned In Water and Light – Vessel    

    Payton Riss – Stranger Things
  • Friday Inspiration:

      Here’s a little inspiration as you head into your weekend.  Be sure to follow these dancers on Instagram to see more of their stunning photos.  Enjoy!  

    Friday Inspiration:
  • Kaitlyn Tran – Best of Both Worlds

    If this little bundle of adorableness doesn’t make your day better, we’re not sure what will! Dancer:  Kaitlyn Tran Dance:  Best of Both Worlds Dance Studio:  The Dance Zone – Ontario, Canada Choreographer:  Molly Long    

    Kaitlyn Tran – Best of Both Worlds
  • Samantha Falk – Sinking

    Dancer:  Samantha Falk Dance:  Sinking Studio:  Main Street Dance – Hammond, LA Choreographer:  Beth Fagan Song:  Sinking – Feverkin feat. Nori    

    Samantha Falk – Sinking


Friday Inspiration:


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