Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition

Last Tuesday kicked off the new season of Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition.  Thank goodness for DVR because with a super packed dance week and a dancer that doesn’t want me to watch the show without her, we were finally able to tune in on Friday evening.

We are looking forward to watching and getting to know these dancers better.  I try to keep in mind that this is a show – meant for entertainment purposes and that if everyone showed up, became best friends and highly complimented each other, the powers that be would find that boring.

abbys ultimate-dance competition

So, if you tuned in, what did you think?

12 Quick Thoughts About Season 2 Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition

1.  Chloe and her Mom – love their sweet relationship.

2.  JoJo – Big bows and big confidence!  Can’t wait to see what happens with this little firecracker.

3.  Don’t throw the choreographer under the bus or make excuses.  Felt bad for Sarina and her Mom and am wondering if she would have been the first to go if that had not happened.  I would liked to have seen more of her.

4.  Gianna Falling – Oh it happens at competitions, but you hate to see it whether it is your child or someone else’s.  She recovered nicely.

5.  With so many brunettes this season, I found it hard to keep up with who was who.

6.  Trinity – completely agreed that she was overshadowed in the trio.  I bet that won’t happen again.  She seems fearless and so does her Mom.

7.  Travis & Tyler – As a mom of twins myself, I can’t wait to see the perspective this family brings to the show.  It is not easy when two children have the same or similar goals.

8.  Kalani – beautiful dancer, can’t wait to see more of her.

9.  McKaylee – Interested to see more of her and see the dynamic with her Mom being a Studio Owner.

10.  Ally – not sure what her Mom’s concern is with JoJo.  Your dancer is good, let her do her thing.  Love her hair!

11.  Haley – I felt for this dancer.  She seemed a little overwhelmed and I’m hoping she can find her groove and feel more confident on tonight’s show.

12.  These dancers are good because they work hard in their studios each week and they have a passion for dance.  My advice post Abby:  Let that passion override any negative feedback.  Work hard and continue to grow.

Still getting to know these dancers.  Check out their info and past dances, here.

Any early favorites?

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