Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition

Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition is back for season 2.  What can you expect? – new dancers, a new judge, maybe a new choreographer or two and the same finger waving Richie Squirrel and tell it like it is and then some Abby.

The AUDC Promo:  She’s back…

[youtube qXXdgHop4cw]


Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition Season 2

Abbys Ultimate Dance Competition

The Dancers

Travis & Tyler Atwood

Studio:  Independent

Duet – Requiem For Duality

[youtube -SR5CZ7D-Hk]


Travis Atwood

[youtube 0O0CgqnI2d8]


Chloe Beatty

Studio:  Institute of Divine Arts – Winston Salem, NC

I Am

[youtube BkfPDHapgHA]


Kalani Hilliker

Studio:  Club Dance Studio – Mesa, AZ

Forever Young

[youtube DPqoJbVig5I]


Lost Song

[youtube bUqGIhEgNlE]


Prism – Top Junior Dancer @ The Dance Awards 2013

[youtube GwTXF_fR5ME]


Haley Huelsman

Studio:  Jennifer Napolitano School Of Performing Arts – Seaford, NY


[youtube 2-jNmSsFmS4]


Don’t Rain On My Parade

[youtube O7kf66nFFcQ]


Tiffany Inay

Studio:  Allegro Performing Arts Academy – Kent, WA

AT 7:00 You can see clips of Trinity as well as hear her studio owner talk about her strengths.

[youtube ocWHtJqct3c]



Sarina Jassy

Studio:  San Diego Dance Centre – Poway, CA

Safe and Sound

[youtube vEl9F93hz6M]


Drumming Song

[youtube 97EEolAfM1k]



[youtube eqbcNLMZwKY]



Gianna Newborg

Studio:  Dance On Q Performing Arts Center – South Brunswick Township, NJ

Cell Block

[youtube Qj4TvrIbhCY]


Seven Nation Army

[youtube RhlmRZ7s3ss]


Ally Robinson

Studio – Mather Dance Company – Placentia, CA

Open Solo

[youtube BuIDwY4iIZs]


JoJo Siwa

Studio:  Just Dance Co. – Omaha, NE

The Hour

[youtube dfzMhxzVP9s]


Italian Love

[youtube Rh80FYiaJR8]


McKaylee True

Studio:  True Dance & Company – Lincoln, NE

Abandon Meadows

[youtube r25dxcZDKKc]


Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition premiere’s September 3rd.  Will you be tuning in to watch these talented dancers?


Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition Season 1 Dancers



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  1. says

    I’m not a dancer, but Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition and Dance Moms are two of my guilty pleasures. Looks like it’ll be a great season! Even though I can’t stand the woman, she certainly knows how to pick out great dancers. Stopping by from the SITS Sharefest, and I’d love for you to drop by my blog if you get the chance. Have a fabulous weekend!

    Diary of a Debutante

    • YDD says

      Thank you for stopping by Stephanie! Those shows and Abby can definitely suck you in – she has definitely brought a lot of attention to the dance world – some good some bad, but the dancers are certainly talented and adorable on both shows! Thanks again!

  2. Christine says

    So excited for season 2! Season 1 will be hard to beat, but with dancers like Haley I am sure the competition will be exciting and most entertaining!

    • YDD says

      Thanks for stopping by Christine! It will be interesting to see how this season compares to Season 1. Looking forward to seeing the talent!

  3. Lisette says

    My daughter and I are very excited for this season. We can’t wait to see what Haley will bring to the show. She truly lights up the stage with her unbelievable, unbeatable performances! GO HALEY!!!!

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