Hamstring Stretches To Improve Flexibility

One of the questions most asked by “Your Daily Dance” readers is how to improve flexibility.  It’s summer and many dancers are ready to focus on gaining more flexibility over the next few months.  Check out the video below from Krista and Autumn Miller of KBM Talent.  They demonstrate how a couple of simple stretches can really help you improve your splits, leaps and leg holds.  Practice daily and you will begin to see results.

More Flexibility Tips

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Getting Comfortable With Improv

Reader Question:

I am a 14 year old competitive dancer and I enjoy performing on stage.  My dance teachers have always told me I have great stage presence.  My problem is we are required to take an improv class.  I dread it every week.  I am totally comfortable performing someone else’s choreography, but having to come up with something of my own stresses me out.  I feel silly and clueless.  I look around at some of my teammates and they look amazing.  It’s like they just know what to do.  Any suggestions that would help me become more comfortable with my own movement and not feel so self-concious each week.

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You are not alone. This is something that is uncomfortable for so many dancers! There are many things you can do to improve and become more comfortable.  You can take time actually to somewhat prepare for improv dance. When you are by yourself and have no one to make you nervous, play various types of music and just dance. Listen and connect to the music, however it makes you feel. Don’t play just one style of music – prepare for all styles. Also, many dancers have signature moves that they will pull out during improv. Just beware of overusing those kinds of moves.
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