What Can I Say To Myself?

What Can I Say To Myself Printable

I stumbled across an image on Facebook yesterday and written at the top said “What Can I Say To Myself?”.   We’ve all had those moments when we think this is just not for me.  This is not how I thought things would go.  This is harder than I thought it would be.  The dance world is competitive.  The environment is one more place where you can easily measure yourself and your ability against the person standing next to you.  While the studio environment may be positive and encouraging while challenging each dancer, dancers can get discouraged if things aren’t progressing as they had hoped.    So, how do you help them find a different, more encouraging voice when they are dealing with an obstacle or challenge?   If your dancer can sometimes be hard on themselves throughout the year, perhaps putting a different spin on their words, will encourage them to keep working hard and improving.  The original image was from an elementary school classroom (found here), but I decided to adapt it a bit to the dance world.

In the comment section of the original graphic blog post, there was some debate about the last line – “I am awesome at this…”  I decided to keep it mostly because sometimes dancers can get lost in their own success and forget there is still much work to be done to make them even better.  So, while I think it is okay to say “I am awesome at this…”, it is more beneficial for the dancer to focus on their continued growth.


Click here for a Printable 8 x 10 pdf


What Can I Say To Myself Printable





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Dance Convention Memories Printable

Dance Convention Memories

Dance Conventions are always one of the highlights of our dance year – both for myself and my dancer.  We have a lot of fun hanging out with dance friends, checking out local restaurants, chatting about teachers and favorite classes.  The girls love the opportunity to learn outside of their studio and as a parent it is fun to see and hear them so excited about the choreography and challenges they have faced in classes each day.  There are discussions about music they like or didn’t like, choreography they loved, which class they enjoyed most etc.

So, being that it is such a favorite part of our year, I thought it would be fun to have a printable to keep up with the highlights of each event.   I have close friends who are amazing scrapbookers and friends who, like me, would love to create amazing scrapbooks, but settle for journaling important info and putting it with pictures in an album.  So, if you like to scrapbook, you can save the info until you are ready to scrap and if you just want to have it as a fun reference, print it out and save it.  Either way, it’s the memories that count.

Click Image Below To Print:


Favorite Teachers, Classes and Songs:  My dancer always has a few teachers that she really enjoys. Sometimes it changes from year to year.  We usually leave with at least one song that is on the “we need to download this song” list!

I enjoyed meeting dancers from:  This one is one of my favorites because at every convention my dancer will point out a few dancers that she has talked to or gotten to know a little bit in classes – maybe they end up dancing beside each other, their dance bags are near each other etc.

I learned:  After all, it is a learning opportunity.  Hopefully, they feel like they have been changed in some way and can take that information and apply it going forward. 

The best thing about this convention was:  This could be anything from I enjoyed all the teachers, there was plenty of room to dance, it was the first time I had the courage to stand towards the front, I found a new love for tap etc. 

We competed and we:  The options are endless on this as well.  Make it a memory.  It doesn’t have to be about the score or an award.  It can be, but it can also be something like, we finally nailed our turn section in the jazz dance, Katie was hurt and we pulled off the last minute choreography changes, we saw 2 other studios with our lyrical costume  :), we made Miss Emily cry – she was so proud of us.

Weekend Highlights:  You know you have them!   These can be hotel related, dance related, travel related – we got lost trying to find the hotel, the fire alarm went off in the middle of the night, we met Mia Michaels in the elevator, I got to go on stage and perform in Mr. Star Choreographer’s Jazz Class, I won a scholarship etc. 

Do you scrapbook your memories from the dance year?


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Dance Competition Checklist


Getting prepared for an upcoming dance competition can seem like a daunting task if you don’t have a good checklist in place.  I have a checklist that I use each year.  It has been tweaked and added to over time.  For me, I would be sure to forget something – probably something important, if I didn’t have my checklist to guide me.  I remember sitting at a parent meeting the first year my daughter was in company, diligently writing everything the experienced Dance Mom was telling us we would need.  Over the past few years, I have added a few things of my own and picked up some tips from other Moms both from our studio and others.  The creativity of Dance Moms never ceases to amaze me.  Oh, and a word of advice, if you see a great product or something cool another Mom is using and you have a moment and they appear to have a moment, go ask them about it.  Most of the time, other dance moms are happy to share their knowledge.

The dance competition checklist I use is below.  Feel mark through the things that don’t apply to you this year and add any additional items you know you may need in the empty spots.  If there is a great product you can’t live without, comment below so others can see it too.

Dance Competition Checklist

This checklist fits on an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper.

Downloadable/Printable Pdf File:  Dance Competition Checklist



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Keep Calm and Dance On Printable

Keep Calm & Dance On Printable 2

Check out the “Keep Calm and Dance On” printable for dancers, dance parents or dance teachers to use as bag toppers for team gifts, a treat for your own dancer or to go along with a big sis/lil sis treat.

Keep Calm and Dance On…

Keep Calm & Dance On Printable 2


I used one of the clear plastic treat bags that you can find at Michaels and other craft stores and added starbursts to it.  The bag opening is 4 inches wide.  Just add a favorite candy or small gift.  I added starbursts because this is a favorite treat of my dancer’s and I liked the splash of pink in the bag with the bag topper.

You can fill the bag as much as you would like.  In fact, you could probably fit double the amount of candy.  I rolled the top of the bag down three times and stapled the top of the bag in the center.  I then cut out the bag topper, folded it in half and placed it over the top of the bag.  I stapled each end to secure the topper onto the bag.  Printing the topper on paper will work fine, but cardstock is a bit more sturdy.  In this example, I did not have white cardstock on hand so I went with paper.

To Print Your Own “Keep Calm and Dance On” Bag Topper Printable, click here.  Two toppers are included on a page.  Not sure why the printable appears so large upon opening the file.  Simply adjust the view to 100% to get a clearer picture of what the image looks like.



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