Dancer Of The Week: Kendall VanWagner

Dancer Of The Week - Kendall VanWagner
Dancer: Kendall VanWagner


State: Michigan


Age: 8


Studio: Dorr Dance Academy


How many years of dance? 6


How many hours a week do you dance? 4


Favorite style of dance and why? Jazz because it’s fun to do and I think it’s really cool.

What is your favorite dance you have performed? My Lyrical solo last year to Brave Dancing

Lyrical Solo – Brave Dancing – Choreographer:  Michelle Spillman

What is your favorite dance skill to perform? Cartwheel!


Who inspires you? Miss Michelle. She’s fun, she’s awesome and I like her.


If you could work with any choreographer, who would it be and why? Mario Veleiz from KAR because I like his funky style!


Kendall - convention


My favorite part of the dance year is…going to Nationals with my team.


What is your favorite snack for dance events? Beef jerky Bites!


What do you like most about attending dance competitions and conventions? I love to dance at them and it’s fun to meet other teams!


If you could be a choreographer for your studio, what song and style of dance would you choose for your dance? Jazz to Little Bird!


If you could go to lunch with any dancer, who would it be and why? Aspen from my studio. She’s my friend and she is nice and funny!


What is your favorite dance TV show? So You Think You Can Dance!


What is your favorite dancewear? California Kisses!


What was your favorite dance moment? When my whole team won the sportsmanship award together at a competition.

Team - Kendall VanWagner


When you are not dancing what do you like to do? cartwheels around the house, care for animals, hang with my friends, hang with my mom and dad, sing and play pranks on people!

Kendall VanWagner - then & Now

Kendall’s Parents: Jason and Rachel


I knew my daughter loved to dance when: I never had any type of dance experience, nor did I know anyone that did. I just decided when she was 2 to put her in class and then….the rest is history. She was born with a heart that belonged in the studio. And she is blessed to have an amazing studio to call home these past 6 years, with many more to come :)



My favorite costume she wore was her purple two piece costume to her solo Brave Dancing.  It was beautiful!



If I could choose a song and style of dance for my dancer, it would be?  This is the hardest question for me!!! So many!!  Style would be lyrical to either A Thousand Years, Titanium (piano cover), or I Won’t Give Up (acoustic version).


My favorite style of dance to watch? Lyrical


When I first became a dance mom, I didn’t know…It would be this fun!!  Nothing like glitter, makeup, costume changes, amazing music and people to be around…plus seeing your kid have fun doing what they love!!


My favorite thing about being a dance mom is…All of it!! The driving, traveling, hours of waiting for her to get out of class…I wouldn’t change it for anything!!


My best tip for fellow dance parents is…When your kiddo walks off that stage after performing in front of all of those people and judges…tell them how amazing they were with a smile and a hug.  Never talk about what place they received or what award.  I don’t even think Kendall has a clue what she even won when she walks off that stage after awards. That doesn’t matter.  In this Art…it only matters that they are doing what they love with their parents support.


Aside from being a dance parent I like to…Have fun with friends and family, and show my kiddo as much as I can that this world has to offer :)

Collage - Fun Kendall VanWagner

Thank you Kendall & Rachel for sharing your dance experience with us!

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  1. Michelle Spillman says

    I love you sweetheart! I couldn’t be more proud of the lovely dancer and person you are. You are one of a kind!

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