How To Use Bobby Pins


How To Use Bobby Pins….

Recently, I had a “How in the world did I not know this” moment.  For years, I have been using bobby pins the wrong way.  Somehow, the proper use of this basic hair tool, that looks so simple to use, had escaped me.  Now, I could blame my Mother, who I love dearly, but as she confesses, doing hair was never her strong suit.  Let’s face it, I have been doing both my own hair and my daughter’s hair for a long time.  No excuses, but I must admit, when I look around at other Moms, somehow, they missed the memo too.

So, if you are like me and missed this basic hair styling life skill, here is the deal.  As in the picture above, you are supposed to insert the bobby pin into your hair, wavy side down.  Yes, wavy side down.  The ridges on the bobby pin grab the hair and secure the bobby pin in place. Go ahead, grab one of the many bobby pins laying around the house, in your purse, dance bag, car, or pocket and try it out.  In fact, put one in the correct way and one in the “wrong” way – feel the difference.  Life changing I tell you, life changing.  Especially for girls with thin hair, the bobby pin will actually stay in your hair.

I hope this quick tip, will make your next hairstyling adventure go a little smoother oh and be sure to share this tidbit with your friends.  They will love you for it.

Did you know this little hairstyling trick?

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  1. ashley says

    How in the world did anyone NOT know this?!? no offense but i’ve always known this just bc the wavy side facing up not only doe
    snt hold your hair, but its makes the bobby pin stick out

  2. says

    My mom did teach me the correct way to use bobby pins, which has been very useful in pinning up my girls’ hair for their ballet recital! Your graphic is so cute, though, that I’m going to pin it! 😉

    Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

    • YDD says

      Thank you for stopping by Ginny Marie. I am so glad there are people like you, who knew the correct way, so you can tell people like me, who somehow missed out on this tidbit. :)

  3. Aruna says

    News to me too.

    I remember being told that the hairbrush goes bristle side down when i was a kid. But the other way was so much easier.

    : )

  4. Joelle says

    Want an even better bobby pin trick?
    Wiggle the end of the bobby pin next to the section of hair you want to secure…
    Loop the bobby pin ridge side up OVER the section of hair…
    Then slide the bobby pin through the section of hair ridge side down going back towards where you started.

    This holds hair in place perfectly with just ONE bobby pin…no need to cross two pins.

    • YDD says

      Thank you Joelle! I’m proud to say I actually did know the trick about turning the bobby pin and securing it in the opposite direction. Love all these little hair tricks. Have a great day!

  5. Rachael Hulbert says

    Yes so true…. I was trying to put one in the other day and like four seconds later it fell right out again… I was late and in a hurry and didn’t feel like dealing with my hair when all the sudden it hit me what if I spayed it with hair spay to make it stiky and then as I was putting it in i thought I should try i putting it in upside down and sure enough it stayed put all day!! So yes this actually works and you should try using hair spay this is how: 1) all you need is a paper towel, hair spray (or dry shampoo), and bobby pins. 2) Place bobby pins on the paper towel, then spray them. 3) P Pick up all four corners of the paper towel and shake off the excess hair spray 4) and pin away!! They will stay in all day. Enjoy :)

  6. Anna says

    Another great trick is opening the bobby pin up slightly before inserting, not only will it “grab” a bigger section of hair but will keep from ripping your hair like what happens if you shove it in un-opened.

  7. Presley says

    Thankfully, I have always known this. My friends have always argued with me that the wavy side goes up, but that never felt or looked right to me. I’m glad you could clear this up for many girls though :)

  8. J Laird says

    Also, if you spray your bobby pins with a little hairspray before you slide them in, they stay in place better :)

  9. Britt says

    Yea…I’ve always put bobby pins in wave side down. I didn’t even know ppl did it the opposite way…hmm

    • YDD says

      Oh, there are a lot of us! :) I took a photography class recently and noticed the woman beside me had them in the “wrong” way. I so wanted to tell her, but held off. She probably would have thought I was a nut! :)

  10. Tash childs says

    Woah. That’s crazy. Many years I’ve been doing it the other way around and the hairstyle I have now. …. have just redun it with the Bobby pins this way and it holds amazingly!!!!! Can’t wait to tame my hair tomorrow. B so much easier now. Thanx!

  11. halli says

    OMG tht is amazing i nvr new tht thank u so much in deffinetly doing tht tomorrow i would have nvr tried tht thinking it was backwards hahaha but nope lol. Awesom!!!!!!!!! Does it hide the pin better as well??

  12. Hailey says

    I just found this out!
    My mom and a bunch of my friends are hairdressers, and NONE of them were taught this! O_o

  13. Almetra says

    Thank you for sharing! I just tried it and for the first time EVER, my hair is staying in place…Love This! Thanks again!

  14. Anneleen says

    O goodness, I always though the wavy side must face up. thanks for the tip. the last time I did my daughters “bubble” I had about 20 bobby pins in her hair to secure it.

  15. Linda Maria says

    Even those who manufactures bobbypins seem to dont know …i have beautiful rhinestone decorated on the wavy side of the bobby pins and no decoration on the flat side lol

  16. says

    So I have been totally doing it wrong and have taught my daughter the wrong way too!! Geesh!! Thank you!! (stopping by from SITS Facebook)


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