The Sound Of Music Live

So what did you think?  Anything with music and dancing and I am in.  Having said that, I have a hard time embracing the non-traditional at times.  The Sound Of Music is one of my all time favorite musicals.  I saw it in the 7th grade in London, England with Petula Clark.  I absolutely fell in love with the theater that night and remember feeling completely overwhelmed by the standing ovation and loud thunder of clapping the performers received at the end of their performance.

My dancer really enjoyed “The Sound Of Music Live” and Carrie Underwood is so adorable and talented, who doesn’t want to watch her?  For me, I still had a hard time believing the ever popular country music star’s role as a Governess.

The music is always enjoyable though and of course there is a CD that was released this week! My favorite song is probably So Long, Farewell, simply because the scene is so good with all the children.


Did you watch Sound Of Music Live?  What did you think?

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