Creating Dance Space In Your Home

If you have a dancer that is passionate about dance, chances are they make the most of the space in their room or throughout your house to practice.  Have you heard those words?  “Mom, could we add a ballet barre over here and a mirror on that wall?”  My own daughter has quite a bit of dance space in her room and a space to tap, but the ideas are always flowing on how it could be further enhanced.

Check out these examples from for inspiration.  If you have not visited Houzz before, I warn you, it is addictive and you will be exploding with ideas to decorate your entire house.  For now, here are a variety of examples on creating a space for your dancer.  They range from the very simple to the over the top! 

At Home Dance Space Inspiration

Combine glam and dance space. Love this adorable make-up space in this dance room.

I love this sweet space.  Such a great use of the closet doors. 

This is exactly what I had in mind growing up.  Too bad my parents didn’t feel the same way! 

Great way to make the most of your space.  Love the mirror and according to the website, the barre was ordered from an online fitness supplier. 

The double mirrors work well with this ballet barre.  This would be an easy way to create a practice area. 

There is always the option of creating a space for the whole family.  Love this!   

This designer found a great way to incorporate the ballet barre in this room.  The mirror makes the room appear larger and the bed is a Murphy bed that can be popped up into the wall to create more space. 

This is such a fun space for any little girl and from the picture, it looks like they simply mounted the mirrors above and below the barre.  Looking at the ends of the barre, it appears the barre is actually a curtain rod. 

This is a narrow room, but it works well for a practice area.  It would be even better with wood flooring. 

I had to include this one.  Talk about making the most of your space.  The ballet barre, costume area and curtains would be a dream for any little girl.  So fun! 

If you have questions about any of the items featured in these rooms, go to and each room has the option to ask a question.  Just click the button, fill out the form and someone will get back to you.  Happy browsing and don’t say I didn’t warn you – it’s addictive! 

Do you have any tips or suggestions for creating a dance space in your home?


  1. I love these ideas! I have two daughters who dance. One does it as a hobby and goes once a week to a dance group. The other one takes it very seriously and is part of a dance school where she trains five hours a week and also recently began dance theory. When she’s at home, she often moves the couches away and the rug and then has a tiled floor to practice on. You can see her practicing here and read about her first performance in Cape Town, South Africa (we live almost 2 hours outside of Cape Town).

    I also have a Saturday blog hop going on right now. Have a great Saturday!

    • Thanks for stopping by Christina! So fun to be reminded that girls all over the world share a passion for dance.

  2. So many beautiful ideas! No dancers in my house, but it’s still fun to look.

    Happy Sharefest!

  3. We have three girls and are considering installing a ballet barre. These are good ideas–thanks!

  4. We don’t have the room for a barre but we made a portable dance floor. We bought a box of laminate flooring that makes a 4 foot square. My husband secured it with plywood underneath to make it sturdier. Whenever my daughter wants to practice her turning, she pulls the small dance floor out and voila!

    • Great idea Christine! Thanks for sharing!

  5. So many great options for dance space in your home. Having a dance studio, I always tell my students to practice, practice, practice. If they have a fun space at home dedicated to dance, I think practice is that much easier.

  6. Some of the rooms toward the end we’re really cute ????????????????????????????????????????????????

  7. Love these ideas cant wait to try
    one 😉


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