1. Sometimes with the school teams they are looking for a different set of strengths than what is considered a strong dancer at the studio. I know our school’s team focuses on hip hop and jazz styles while my dancers strengths are ballet and lyrical. Everyone has different strengths, and it’s okay to celebrate those strengths even when they don’t get us “on the team”. Our old studio had a try out format for their dance team, but the team was focused heavily on Pom style which is not my daughter’s strength at all. She was extremely discouraged but continued to work hard and try out, on her third try she finally made the team!

    Another thing to remember is that auditions and not always getting the role, or on the team, goes hand in hand with dancing. Developing a little thick skin and not letting things hurt them is part of being a dancer, it’s far easier for them than it is for us moms I think!

    I was once stuck in an airport with the entire Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders and it just happened to be after one of the tryouts where my daughter had not made the cut. They were awesome and sent autographed pictures home to her and every single one of those girls had a story to share about how they had not made their high school team, or college team, or had gotten cut from other teams before finally making the cut. Their message was a strong, loud & clear KEEP TRYING! If you want it, keep trying!

    • Thank you Angela for sharing your experience! What a great story about the DCC in the airport. Glad your dancer made the team! Perseverance pays off. 🙂

  2. This is certainly a tough situation. I feel that it can often be the breaking point for a teen as to wheather they will dance for life of give it up. As we know, so many often give it up. I do feel like continued practice and use of all opportunities is key. If she has the drive and the want, she can work really hard and maybe make it next year. At some point, it can be hard to continue to want it though with a lot of rejections. I wish you luck in helping her through this!

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